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Heat Resistant Tool Changer For High Temperature Applications

Monday, April 20, 2020
Heat Resistant Tool Changer For High Temperature Applications

The Epsilon Automatic Tool Changer is a Tool Changer Evolution. Their cam design has stood the test of time and even with extensive research; we couldn’t do anything better. In fact, we are so confident in our locking mechanism that we offer a lifetime guarantee on it. We also made sure to incorporate new market requirements and customer feedback to design these tool changers; that’s why we extended the availability of couple/uncouple sensing and came up with a direct bolt design to limit the need for adaptor plates.

Our Epsilon high-temperature tool changers work to solve our customers’ more specialized application challenges – in assembly, dispensing, material handling and welding.

Applied Robotics utilizes its proven 3-cam latching mechanism with a central, positive retract and fail-to-safe locking mechanism in a heat resistant tool changer, providing continuous and reliable operation even in harsh environments.

The tool changer construction employs a high-performance stainless alloy to achieve maximum strength and stability at elevated temperatures.  Also provided with active air cooling, which supplies constant heat removal, the tool changer can couple to tooling at temperatures ranging up to 1600°F.

The tool adaptor, fixed to the part receiving treatment, can reach temperatures up to 1600°F and then be coupled directly to the robot adaptor and either removed from the heat source or manipulated to receive a thermal coating.

Capable of operating in harsh environments at extreme temperatures, the heat resistant tool changer provides customers with dependable automated tool changing.

PROBLEM DEFINED with SOLUTIONS for Heat Resistant Tool Changer For High-Temperature Applications

Melting. Most tool changers don’t stand a chance at 1600°F.

Typical applications for the heat resistant tool changer involve handling parts undergoing a heat treatment (thermal spray or furnace) process or thermal coating process.

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