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How to Effectively Use End of the Line Automation

Friday, July 22, 2022
How to Effectively Use End of the Line Automation

The draw of using automation is clear in manufacturing. It can improve your production in both speed and consistency, and it can reduce bottlenecks much more easily than with traditional labor. The only thing that might be stopping you from dipping into automation is that it can feel like an overwhelming step. There are so many parts of the process you can automate, and that can make it tough to choose where to start. One of the simplest and best places to begin with automation is in your End of Line manufacturing.

Why automate End of Line manufacturing processes?

Let’s start with what the End of Line processes are. The End of the Line in your manufacturing process is any process that is done just before the product leaves your facility. There is no hard line on what counts as it, it’s up to your interpretation. Technically, you could say that everything is End of the Line since it all happens before the product can leave. You can simplify it though by choosing things that are at ‘the end of the line’ for your processes, such as packaging and labeling.

So, what are the benefits to End of Line automation? It’s grown in popularity recently for good reasons, as it can lessen the effect of a diminished workforce and make more efficient use of your dollars spent. Here are some of the benefits:

  • Keeps pace consistent throughout your workflow.
  • Eliminates any bottleneck at the end of your production process.
  • Gives you the ability to better adapt to changing market conditions.
  • Makes you more competitive, as your competitors are likely doing it too. If they’re not, then you’re in the lead.
  • Allows you to better use the skills of your workforce.

What types of End of Line automation solutions are there?

There are five main types of automation solutions for End of Line processes, giving you options for which would be the most effective to invest in for your business.


While one of the most important End of Line processes, inspections take time to perform. This makes them a classic bottleneck in the production process. But with automated inspections, your engineers can perform them quickly and consistently.

vogt PHAsisNEO

RAM Solutions offers the VOGT PHAsisNEO for inspection automation, an unbeatable solution. It uses phased array technology for simple, reliable, and precise inspections that keep your work flowing and your products consistent in quality.

Product Testing

Similar to inspections in importance and time consumption, product testing is an integral quality assurance task that can be improved through automation. The most popular automation solutions for product testing fall under the electronic product testing umbrella.


Your packaging processes can benefit greatly from automation solutions, as robots can handle different packaging types simply and efficiently.

Coval Vacuum Cups

RAM Solutions offers a couple of automation solutions in the packaging area. One is the Coval Vacuum Cup which makes it easy for robots to gently handle packages and move them where they need to go. The floral design of the vacuum cup allows for a strong grip on the package without causing any crushing.


RAM Solutions also offers a wide range of poppet valves that can automate the amount of air injected into a package.


One of the most error-prone End of Line processes is labeling. It’s time-consuming and easy to mix up if a person is overwhelmed or unfocused. With robotic labeling solutions, you’ll have the right labels on the right products in a quick and easy fashion.


Palletizing is an unforgiving job for human workers. It’s the repetitive and dry process of stacking heavy objects, and it can cause a person anything from boredom and dissatisfaction with their work to serious injury. However, a robot is perfect for this application.

Applied Robotics: Gripper

RAM Solutions offers a variety of palletizing automation solutions. We offer the ARPG pneumatic palletizing gripper in multiple models. It has sensors that detect whether or not it has a package to move, and it can cycle through its designated motion over 20 times a minute depending on placement and distance traveled.

UNIVER: Power Clamps and Power Pivots
We also offer UNIVER Power Clamps and Power Pivots. The power clamps are lightweight and fully adjustable, and the power pivots are highly repeatable and have a mechanical brake system and weight optimization.

Liberty Reach V-Pick

Finally, we offer the VPick from Liberty Reach. The VPick is a robotic arm that works fast and flexibly, with high versatility, and is extremely dependable.

RAM Solutions, Inc. | End of Line automation solution sales and training

If you want to bring your facility to the forefront of manufacturing innovation, RAM Solutions offers the automation solutions you need. We can help you outdo your competition and set the pace in your industry. Our skilled sales team can work with you to recommend the best possible solutions for your unique business needs. We’ll even install them in your facility and train you and your team on using them. We can train you at our location or we can come to your facility.

To learn more about what we can do to automate your manufacturing process, get in touch by calling (248) 299-0525 or sending in an online contact form today!

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