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COVAL GVMAX HD - Your Vacuum Solution

Wednesday, March 10, 2021
 COVAL GVMAX HD  - Your Vacuum Solution

COVAL’s GVMAX HD series Heavy Duty communicating vacuum pumps are the result of many years of listening, discussions, and feedback from manufacturers, integrators, and users from the automotive, aerospace, and packaging industries.

The GVMAX HD vacuum pumps meet their expectations in terms of power, robustness, ease-of- configuration and use, communication, and modularity, all while remaining compact and light for easy integration in a smart factory.

The advantages are that it is robust and resistant to the harsh environments of metal stamping and sheet metal production lines.  It offers a high-performance, optimized Venturi system that guarantees powerful suction flow rates and reduced evacuation times. It is also modular and allows for easy maintenance;

COVAL's GVMAX HD's SMART SWAP  has a quick-mounting system as well as an efficient communication system for all user levels.  In addition, it has HMI, NFC technology for mobile use, and an IO-Link communications interface for straightforward networking.

Please reach to the team at RAM Solutions for an online or in-person presentation and demo on the COVAL GVMAX HD Vacuum Pumps!  Give us a call today at 248-299-0525 or reach out to us on our contact form.

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