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Increase Your Industrial Automation with RAM

Monday, December 13, 2021
Increase Your Industrial Automation  with RAM

Industrial automation isn’t just the future of manufacturing, it’s the present! With products from RAM Solutions in your factory or plant, you’ll see a steady reliable increase in your rate of production and a drop in cost of production. We offer a variety of machines and replacement parts to increase efficiency in manufacturing for a wide range of industries, like aerospace, warehousing, electronics, oil and gas, and much more. If you’re looking to start automating your manufacturing processes, these solutions are a great place to start.

modular tooling

Modular Tooling Systems

Why buy and maintain a diverse set of different tools when you can have them all in one? With modular tooling systems, your workers’ days of searching for the right tool are done. Modular tooling systems are a set of building blocks that can combine for any function at many lengths you’ll need in a manufacturing setting. Fitting together like Legos, you can switch from one tool to a completely different one quickly just by switching out a few different blocks. We recommend the UNIVER GR8 Modular Tooling System due to its high level of precision and adjustability, along with its quick and easy installation.



A great way to save your workers’ energy and time is by installing grippers. RAM Solutions carries both pneumatic and electric servo grippers to supply you with a wide range of applications. Among those two kinds of grippers, we have both bag grippers and pallet grippers. Our grippers are strong enough to lift hundreds of pounds but also gentle enough to safely handle things as light as a few ounces. The grippers we offer have top and side mounts for the fingers so you can set them up in a variety of configurations to fit your needs.


Power Clamps and Power Pivots

Looking for an automated addition to your assembly line? Power clamps and power pivots are simple yet effective components in any assembly line. Perfect for repetitive holding and placing applications, power clamps and pivots offer steady, perfect motions every time, which increase the efficiency and output of your assembly process. RAM Solutions recommends the UNIVER Power Clamps and Power Pivots. UNIVER Power Clamps are fully adjustable, lightweight, and they conform to NAAMS standards. The UNIVER Power Pivots also have great benefits, including weight optimization, high repeatability, and a mechanical break system.

RAM Solutions | Grippers, Modular Tooling Systems, Power Clamps, and Power Pivots

In such a technical and complicated industry as industrial automation, we at RAM Solutions decided to specialize in our products so that we could give our customers the best value possible for their money. We take it upon ourselves to communicate regularly with manufacturers and engineers to ensure that we understood fully the products that we supply so we can suggest the best solutions to your industrial process. If you have any questions about any of our products, like what the best use for them is, if any of these products are right for your situations, etc., give us a call and our knowledgeable sales staff will give you a detailed answer to any questions you may have.

To ask about our products or to get a quick quote, give us a call today at (248) 299-0525 or send in a contact form!

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