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Tuesday, April 5, 2022

Guided by the requests and needs of the market, in 2013 UNIVER widened its range of products with the Modular Tooling System GR8, one of the most flexible and original in the EOAT (End of Arm Tooling) world.
The high level of modularity of the GR8 system makes it easily adaptable to any need, as well as expandable and reconfigurable as needed.
The availability of a wide range of modular elements allows the creation of simple but also complex systems, combining lightness and flexibility, precision, and versatility.
The system consists of three sizes of octagonal profiles to which joints, fasteners, and adapters are connected.  The construction in special aluminum gives lightness but at the same time solidity and reliability.
Next to the Headquarters in Italy, which is responsible for the design of individual components and the system as a whole, UNIVER direct branch in Germany soon became the hub for the design, assembly, measurement, and installation of GR8 systems and applications, and was equipped with an excellent staff, also offering on-site delivery and installation service as well as post-installation consulting support.
Key features include:
- Accuracy
- High level of positioning repeatability
- Quick and easy installation that does not require welding or doweling
- Unlimited configurations with 360° swivel orientation
- Patented fixing system to guarantee efficiency and positioning precision
- Specific components for mounting balls, suction cups, and vacuum systems.

Originally developed to meet the needs of the Automotive sector, the GR8 system finds application in various industrial environments where the movement or pick&place of components or equipment is required.
Typically used for:
- Press shops
- Handling/movement
- Robotic applications
- Installation of structures
- Mounting and installation aids.

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