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XCHANGE™ Utility Module & Heavy Duty Tool Mount Assemblies

Tuesday, January 5, 2021
XCHANGE™ Utility Module & Heavy Duty Tool Mount Assemblies

Heavy Duty Tool Mount Assemblies (TMA) allows for the docking and undocking of tools during an automatic tool changing operation.  Some of the advantages of such systems include accurate docking and undocking locations, compatibility with Fixture Base Assembly (FBA), non-contact tool stand switch (for docked tool detection), as well as available compliant and non-compliant versions and L-and-T-Plate versions.

These applications allow robots to change tools and support utilities without losing time on a given job.  Our connection productivity is designed to significantly improve any automation process requiring frequent connection or disconnection of tooling and support utilities.  When it comes to robotics automation, timing is crucial, and the Epsilon™ Automatic Tool Changer provides timely flexibility for any application.

Some of the key advantages of implementing tool changers from the Epsilon™ family include:

  • Durable materials improving the size-to-payload ratio
  • Minimal required maintenance and the reflecting low costs
  • Direct bolt-to-ISO 9409-1 pattern limiting robot adaptor plates
  • Couple and uncouple sensing
  • Optional tool present sensing
  • Shared spare parts among units for minimal stock inventory
  • Best-in-class locking mechanism with self-centering cams
  • Mechanical robot/tool locking feature for optimal safety and security
  • & Compatible with similar utility modules from Applied Robotics, Inc.

Our partner, Applied Robotics, Inc. — headquartered in Glenville, NY, is a leading global provider of robotic end-of-arm tooling and connectivity solutions; specializing in tool changing, collision detection, and material handling and gripping applications.  In addition, Applied Robotics provides industry and application-specific solutions to the most challenging problems.

With over 30 years of experience engineering complex robotic and automation equipment, Applied Robotics was the first company to develop automated tool changers and continues to engineer state-of-the-art solutions allowing our customers to stay at the forefront of their respective industries all over the world.

RAM Solutions, Inc. is a proud partner of Applied Robotics, Inc., and the productivity our partnership provides to our valued customers.  Our operations have been positively impacted by the incorporation of the Epsilon™ Automatic Tool Changer by allowing quick turnaround times and top-tier support for the least amount of overall downtime.

RAM Solutions, Inc.: Applied Robotics Tool Changer & Automation Service

RAM Solutions, established in Michigan in 1999, is an authorized automation distributor.  We offer our customers the best-engineered solutions available today along with value-added quality products used in robotics, industrial and automation applications.  We serve customers in the United States, Canada, and Mexico.

From sales and service on a servo cap changer, auto cap changer, automatic tip changer, Weldsaver, tip dresser, and more applied robotics systems, RAM Solutions, Inc. has all the resources in automation robotics that you need.

Give our expert sales team a call at 248-299-0525, or reach out on our contact form for custom solutions for your business.  Learn more about our industrial automation solutions.

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