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Applied Robotics Flexible Soft Gripper
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Applied Robotics Flexible Soft Gripper

Applied Robotics’ Flexible Smart GripperTM (FSG) now allows for intelligent handling of delicate objects of varying shapes and sizes.

The Flexible Smart Gripper (FSG) solves all of the complex challenges found in handling delicate and randomly shaped objects commonly found in food processing and retail order fulfillment by combining the gentle handling of objects with the intelligence and feedback of an electrically operated gripper.

Applied Robotics Flexible Soft 2 Finger Gripper

Flexible 2-Finger Gripper ideal for handling spherical, semi-spherical, or rectangular objects of varying sizes as well as delicate objects such as fruits and vegetables.

Applied Robotics Flexible 4 Finger Soft Gripper

Flexible 4-Finger Gripper ideal for handling larger spherical or semi-spherical objects as well as oblong objects of varying sizes.


flexible soft gripper

The Enhanced Intelligence version of the FSG provides additional finger positions for grip precision and efficiency, as well as force control, allowing the user to reliably handle delicate objects.

flexible smart gripper phone app

With a simple user interface that can be accessed with any Wi-Fi-enabled device, the user can easily program open/close finger positions as well as force control thresholds for precise and dependable handling of delicate objects. The FSG’s patented, FDA-compliant silicone fingers, provide assured grasping of objects with the ability to rotate and conform in the actuating direction while remaining rigid in the other degrees of freedom.

Please reach to the team at RAM Solutions for an online or in-person presentation and demo on Applied Robotic’s latest (FSG) Flexible Smart Gripper!  Give us a call today at 248-299-0525 or reach out to us on our contact form.

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