Applied Robotics: Gripper
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Applied Robotics: Gripper
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Applied Robotics: Gripper

Bag gripper provides rapid pick-and-place palletizing of bagged products, offering complete robotic control of a palletizing cell

Palletization Grippers
Palletization grippers are used to neatly stack outgoing product on a skid or to off-load incoming product from a skid. Bags or boxes usually come out of production on a conveyor system where the robot lifts them off and stacks them on a pallet. From various sized boxes, 5lb bags of sugar, 40lb bags of wood pellets, or even 100lb bags of cement — we have a palletizing gripper to fit the application.

The Applied Robotics Palletizing Gripper (ARPG) is available in three adjustable sizes, the ARPG Mini, ARPG 50 and ARPG 100 and can be configured with either tines for bag use or paddles for box applications. All are ready to start stacking bags and boxes to give your packing crew’s backs a well-deserved rest.

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