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Bluewrist Robot Bin Picking
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Bluewrist Robot Bin Picking

FlexiPick is an advanced bin-picking system allowing a robot to pick up parts randomly placed in a bin and present them to the assembly process. It offers distinctive results through the use of integrated software and hardware, typically an industrial robot, a 3D vision sensor, a gripper, and a PC.

  • Compares point clouds to the CAD model and returns all possible gripping configurations
  • Typical system accuracy of ±0.5mm
  • Short processing time
  • Robust collision checks between parts and cell
  • Easy recalibration of the sensor and gripper
  • Direct communication with the line PLC for part information data, alarms, and system status
  • Reliable and fast communication protocols (fast/Gigabit Ethernet)
  • Automated gripping tasks for parts of any shape and size
  • Reduced part sorting costs and improved overall system productivity
  • Full integration into the production line
  • Speedy processing and customized to fit production line cycle time constraints
  • Guaranteed return on investment within 2 years


    A high-performance and reliable random bin-picking solution require seamless integration of software, 3D vision sensors, and robotic guidance. Powered by custom software that is precisely calibrated to the physical characteristics of the part and tailored to meet a manufacturer’s cycle time requirements, FlexiPick seamlessly integrates into the customer’s existing production process. This enables Bluewrist’s FlexiPick solution to overcome technical challenges and deliver a superior solution.

    • Uses 3D vision camera to ensure high-speed repeatable bin-picking performance
    • The vision system is not affected by changes in ambient lighting condition
    • Reliable operation even when the bin is full or nearly empty
    • Hardware agnostic solution with customizable sensor selection to suit the part’s physical characteristics

    For more info or a demo, call RAM Solutions at 248-299-0525.

    Watch the FlexiPick in action!

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