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Liberty Reach V-Pick
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Liberty Reach V-Pick

V-Pick enables robot use in complex and repetitive pick and place operations and provides robot guidance for mixed case palletizing and depalletizing applications.


V-Pick utilizes Liberty Reach’s latest VSx sensor for unrivaled resolution and measurement accuracy. The VSx is capable of short to long-distance imaging, has a wide field of view to capture objects that vary in size, and utilizes convenient and reliable Power over Ethernet connectivity. The overhead or robot mounted sensor captures an image of the part(s), calculates the position & orientation of the optimal pick, and sends the position and orientation directly to the robot.


Liberty Reach provides everything you’ll need for a complete vision system – proprietary sensors, high performance industrialized Windows-based computer (IoT embedded), proprietary software, and industrial hardware (cabling, connectors, etc.)

We also make sure every component is robust to withstand harsh factory conditions.

Unlike other systems, Liberty Reach guidance is designed with the end-user in mind. The applications are easy to set up, use, modify, and maintain. Ram Solution's service and support team are always ready to help.


V-Pick is the fastest robot guidance system available. It generates 6 degrees of freedom offset in milliseconds.

V-Pick utilizes proprietary algorithms to provide the most reliable picking application on the market.

Optimally finds and picks objects, unhindered by large shifts.

V-Pick is built to withstand punishing factory conditions while maintaining speed and reliability.

One system handles multiple part sizes.

Installation, operation, adjustments, and maintenance are quick, easy, and economical.

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