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Proteus WeldSaver™ 6
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Proteus WeldSaver™ 6

Monitors and communicates coolant flow and temperature conditions to ensure adequate electrode cooling

The Proteus WeldSaver™ is the leading water safety device for flow control and leak detection in robotic welding applications. Whether monitoring coolant flows to weld guns or to the entire cooling circuit for a weld cell, the WeldSaver rapidly and reliably detects losses of flow continuity created by cap loss,
hose burst, or other catastrophic events.

Intelligent Leak Detection
The WeldSaver’s patented detection algorithm rapidly identifies subtle flow velocity changes that distinguish true leaks from pressure-, temperature-, and motion-induced effects, positively identifying a leak condition in less than 0.3 seconds. In the event of a cap loss or other leak, the WeldSaver signals a state change to immediately stop the weld process and simultaneously closes an attached shutoff valve.

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