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UNIVER Servo Power Pivot
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UNIVER Servo Power Pivot

Advantages of the Servo Power Pivot

  • This Pivot was designed to replace the Destaco/UNIVER 125, 160, and 200 series Pneumatic Power Pivots.

Advanced Features:

  • No Stored or trapped air!
  • Servo motion is controlled Entirely by Robot Software
  • Speed is controlled by Robot Software, which ensures no fast acceleration.
  • Safer for operators to enter the cell, the unit is mechanically held by gearing and Motor brake.
  • Manual Allen override ensures safer recovery from a crash.
  • Cycle time can be controlled by Robot Software.
  • Zero to 135 Degree openings, all fully programmable.

Only one spare unit reduces Inventory.

Electric power pivot

- 100% plug-n-play
- Constant torque
- Programmable pivoting angle 0-360°
- Multiposition table
- Smart connectivity
- Energy saving
- Self-locking
- Interchangeable with pneumatic pivots

Servo Power Pivot

Watch these UNIVER Power Pivots in action


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