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Application Engineering
The RAM Solution

RAM Solutions handles all aspects of your program, from design to final launch. We provide technical applications to ensure the correct product is specified and designed into your tooling requirements. We also manage technical signoffs at the design, build, and launch levels.

What we provide
  • Handle all aspects of your program

  • Provide technical application support

  • Manage technical documentation signoffs

  • 20-hour runoff support at the final customer's facility

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The RAM Solution

We are factory certified to perform training on all products we offer at our facility or yours. Your employees will be trained by our professionals or our factory partners. 

What we provide
  • Your employees will be trained by our professionals or our factory partners
  • Our training includes both classroom and hands-on techniques
  • Training materials, course outline, and manuals
  • Training units that will be torn down and rebuilt in the classroom or on the factory floor
  • We review your current product installation and answer any questions or concerns on your current product
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Field Service
The RAM Solution

Our factory-trained and technically-certified personnel are available to meet your service requirements for installation, repair, maintenance, or test tasks throughout North America.

What we provide
  • We provide both warranty and out-of-warranty service support
  • We are factory trained and certified to perform software or firmware updates as required
  • Our field-service technicians can suggest and provide maintenance and service tips to prolong your equipment life
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Emergency Response
The RAM Solution

We understand our customers' need to keep their factories from unexpected downtime. RAM Solutions provides 24/7 support for emergencies. Most manufacturers are not available after-hours, weekends, and holidays. RAM Solutions will be available to assist.

Our 24/7 toll free number is (888)863-5926

What we provide
  • We can provide technical support via telephone
  • We can send a technician to your facility to diagnose and resolve your issue
  • We can contact our factory partners for assistance
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Start-up Support
The RAM Solution

We can provide personnel to ensure a successful startup and launch of your new production line or facility. We review and can be present for 20-hour runs before your equipment is bought off by the end customer.

What we provide
  • We review the current system for correct implementation of our products
  • We can provide personnel to be available during your 20-hour run
  • We are able to be at the end customer's facility during the commissioning and start up of production lines
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Spare Parts & Accessories
The RAM Solution

Our manufacturers work with us to identify critical spare parts and ample quantities required to ensure that our customers do not have downtime due to lead times

What we provide
  • We currently stock critical spare parts 
  • We identify which spare parts and quantities our customers should maintain at their facility
  • We work with our manufacturers on blanket orders to ensure the lowest cost for spare parts due to manufacturing quantity efficiency

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